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Aluminium Flute with Delrin Head

This flute is a simplified version of the 3-piece delrin model I previously made with a Boehm type bore (see Models). The delrin head has a conical bore and the aluminium body is the usual 19mm bore, keeping the instrument in tune throughout the scale. Due to the tapered bore in the head, the spacing and sizes of the holes are around the same as the Pratten, so these flutes are more comfortable to play than a flute with a straight cylindrical bore throughout. With the aluminium body, this is also a light flute to hold.


I now mostly make these as a three-piece model, with a joint in the centre of the aluminium body. The one in the photos here has a two-piece body.


The delrin head has the traditional cork stopper.



A thicker wall at the bottom hole reinforces the E note on this model.